Group of Professional Training

Last modified: 2019. October 14.

The tasks of the Professional Training are organising and controlling the professional training in the majors of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development (for example Industrial placement I., II., III., Summer placement I., II., III. Internship outside of institution). All members of the Group are connection constantly with the production managers of Study Farm and Research Institutes. Furthermore they are good relation with the outside of professional training placements.


The Group draws up professional training's terms, organising of implementation, exercises supervision over the trainings, controls and evaluates the fulfilment of the trainings. The administrative assistance is provided to the students for professional training's (contracting, drawing up of work plan). In case of dual education system the Group has professional relationship with the dual partners. They provide the drawing up of professional training's terms.

The Group works in close cooperation with directors of institutes, heads of departments and persons who responsible for majors. Members of the Group shall be involved as lecturer in the education programmes of the institutes.

Group of Professional Training
H-3200 Gyöngyös, Mátrai út 36.

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