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Research topics:

  • - Indication and inactivation of polluting materials in soil-plant systems
  • - Analysis of the effectiveness of manuring (application of mineral and bacterial fertilizers).
  • - Research of developing environment-friendly crop production technologies
  • - Possibilities of using natural raw materials for energy sources
  • - Expanding forage base by using new by-products, and by increasing the effectiveness of forage conservation.
  • - Conservation and development of biological basis. Field experiments for selecting crop varieties that are most suitable to field conditions and for determination of varieties structure
  • - Development of growing technologies by expansion of biological bases
  • - Examination of possibilities of agricultural environment management in sensitive and protected areas
  • - Development of environmental sound and alternative crop protection technologies
  • - Development of crop-, soil- and land specific fertilization technologies in the Norh Hungarian Region
  • - Exploration of the relationship between rural development, agricultural production and environment management
  • - The effects of different vegetation types on the local climate
  • - Organic farming
  • - Site specific crop production.
  • - Viticulture examinations to improve quality.
  • -  Ecological and economic research on the reconstruction of historic vineyards.
  • - Increasing the drought resistance of hilly vineyards by using agricultural organic waste as soil cover.
  • - Research on quality wine-grape production.
  • - Population biology of small mammals and small game species.
  • - Development possibilities of the living conditions of game, game-hygienic examinations.
  • - Possibilities of establishing territories for game management in the forests of the North Hungarian Region.
  • - Working out methods for stock-size calculation for different game species.
  • - Thematic examination of the complex toxic micro-element content of deer antlers.
  • - Examination of the issues of sustainable game management and hunting in protected territories.
  • - Examination of the possibilities of alternative land use for game management pur

Recently completed projects:

  • - 2013.04.01.-2015.05.31. – Higher education cooperation for green energy ZENFE - TÁMOP4.1.1.C-12/1/KONV-2012-0012 (project leader: Dr. László Szegedi)
  • - 2014.04.01 – 2015.05.31. - Development of bioethanol manufacturing based on domestic poplar species GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0058 (project leader: Dr. Péter Tamás Nagy)
  • - 2012.05.02–2014.04.30. - Municipal solid waste utilization by pyrolysis GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0010 (project leader: Dr. Péter Tamás Nagy)
  • - 2010.07.01-2013.01.31. - TÁMOP-4.2.1-09/1-2009-0001 Establishment and actuation of Sustainable Innovation Technological Centrum (FITC) at Károly Róbert College (project leader: Dr. Sándor Gergely); „Thematic mapping of environmental objects by aerial hyperspectral remote sensing" (pilot project leader: Dr. Tamás Tomor)
  • - 2010.06.01-2012.05.31. - TÁMOP-4.1.2/A/2-10/1-2010-0010 Training development based on employer demand and connecting skill shortages at Károly Róbert College (project leader: Dr. Róbert Magda)
  • - 2010.02.01-2012.05.01. - KEOP-3.1.3/2F/09-11-2012-0002 Complex habitat-rehabilitation program of Erdőtelki Arboretum (project leader: Ervin Holló)

Running projects:

  • - SUMCULA (Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes) coordinator and one of the inventors together with prof. Bosse Lagerqvist. International education and research project launched by the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg involving Eszterházy Károly University, the University of Pécs and four other European universities.
  • EFOP-3.4.3 – „Developing the Eszterházy Károly University to improve jointly the quality and accessibility of higher education".
  • - EFOP-3.5.1 – „Development of Dual and Practice Oriented Higher Education Programmes at the Eszterházy Károly Univesity".
  • - EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00001 – „Complex improvement of research capacities and services at Eszterhazy Karoly University".

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