Mission of the Faculty

Last modified: 2019. October 14.


The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development of the Eszterhazy Karoly University is the prominent agricultural knowledge centre of the North Hungarian EU region. The research and educational activities of the Faculty makes remarkable contribution to the fortification of the competitiveness of the agrarian sector in this region. This contribution is always up-to-date regarding the impermanent socio-economic environment and challenges. The high level of theoretical and practical education, the scientific research and the facilitation of the applying of research achievements compose together an organic unit in the sense of mission of the Faculty.

The educational palette and programs are designed to fulfil the all-time quantitative and qualitative human resource and knowledge demands of the region. There is a great emphasis on expert level courses of agriculture, horticulture, oenology, rural development, environmental and game management. The development and improvement of rural areas are subserved by this educational and research work, furthermore there is a great emphasis on the qualification of experts whom knowledge is highly needed in rural areas.

Besides the high level theoretical courses in the educational activities of the Faculty, it is also provided to the students to gain high-level recent practice and to be skilled in the performance of working processes.

Furthermore the Faculty intends to create and modernise the conditions of the realisation of multicyclic, linear high level education (higher level vocational training, bachelor course, master course) both in part-time and full-time education. Moreover, on the basis of the academic level education the possibility of so called „lifelong learning" is also provided by organising postgraduate and andragogy courses (special training courses). Promoting and providing professional English language courses is also an important aim of the Faculty. The faculty is developing its services connected to the training of international students and makes also a possibility in international mobility both for students and teachers.

The R+D+I activities of the Faculty contributes to the increasing of agrarian research results and support the application of them. The scientific activity is organised to be able to fulfil the demands of the innovation market of the region.

For the sake of creating a flexible, rational knowledge system and a modern educational structure, the curriculums, the course programs and educational methods are developed according to the demands of the users group. The new scientific results are continuously and innovatively involved into the educational programs.

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