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The University Campuses

Eger Campus

Eger, with its population of 60,000 is a popular tourist attraction; each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city's spectacular Baroque monuments and historic buildings, the Castle recalling the days of Hungary's heroic resistance against the Ottoman Empire, the Minaret built during the Turkish Conquest and enjoy the open-air Bath and the taste of the Eger wines.


After you pass the passport control and take your luggage you can use public transport to get to the bus station or train station to come to Eger. To use the public transport you need a small tickets for one time use. To buy them you can use small machines just outside of the airport door or ticket office located inside of the airport. You need to buy one transfer ticket it can be used both in metro and in the bus you will be taking. To buy them you can use your credit card or hungarian forint cash.( I suggest you to bring a small loan of Euros with you since ATM machines at airport takes too much commission for cash withdraw. Convert your euros to hungarian forint at exchange office in airport 15-20 Euros will be enough for your journey.). After you buy your tickets (530 forints total) you must take the bust 200E in front of the Airport and validate one of your tickets at the bus. You must get of the bus at the last station which is connected to the metro line. Get of the bus and proceed to the metro station and validate your second ticket at metro entrance. You will be at metro line M3 (Blue Line) stay at the metro for 10 station and get of at the Deak Ferenc Ter station. From Deak Ferenc Ter station you must exchange to the metro line M2 (Red line) in to the direction of Örz Vezer tere and if you want to use the train you must get of at Keleti Palyaudvar metro station. If you want to use bus( which I suggest you to because its faster and more simple.) you must get of at Puskas Ferenc Stadion metro station. After getting out proceed right get out of metro and you will see the futbol stadium bus terminal is located under it. The bus and the train both cost 2750 forint if you don't have enough cash you can use ATM machines at bus or train station ( I suggest you to use OTP bank ATM machines). There is a bus at every hour one departs at 15 past and one departs at 45 past you can see bus schedule at attached files. Train has a different working hours you need to check it at your arrival date I will provide the link and how you can check it. Your journey to Eger will take 2 hours and 10 minutes approximately. If you give me more details about your arrivel in Eger , I will be in Eger Bus station to take you to your dormoitory.

UPDATE: Right now the first metro which will take you to the Deák Ferenc line is not available, (you can check the latest status about this line in Budapest website) , after you get off the bus that will bring you from airport, you need to walk about 200m( also you will see the signals that shows the way of this bus when you get off from the first bus) and you will see the Blue Bus with number 3 , you need to take this bus to get Deák Ferenc station and other steps are remain same.
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Jászberény Campus

Jászberény, with a population of 28.000 is a town with a pleasant atmosphere in the North Great Plain region of Hungary, 80 km from Budapest. The town is full of historic monuments including Jász Museum, one of the first museums founded in Hungary.
The teacher training college of Jászberény was founded in 1917. Students at the Jászberény Campus of EKU are surrounded by a friendly atmosphere as well as the enhancement of creativity and personal development. The campus offers a wide range of programmes and specialisations for its students in the fields of Lower Primary School Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Infant and Early Childhood Educator, Computer Librarian and Social Worker. Special attention is given to English and German foreign language education, offering various courses in these languages. Furthermore, there are various sports facilities and extra-curricular activities available like ice-skating, archery, horse-riding, choir, different competitions and hiking.

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Sárospatak Comenius Campus

The colourful cultural life of Sárospatak, its historical atmosphere, zigzag streets, and monuments present an attractive and intimate environment for students who want to immerse in their studies.
Students of Sárospatak Comenius Campus can rely on the nationally recognised practice-oriented training results of our Infant and Early Childhood Educator, Pre-School Teaching and Primary School Teaching BA majors. After their school leaving exams, students can attend the Software Engineering, Vine-growing and Tourism and Catering post-secondary trainings and so can obtain skills that allow their professional employment. For applicants with pedagogy degrees we offer Master studies (Teacher of Family and Child Care, Teacher of Educational Science), and also postgraduate specialist training courses (Practice Leading Mentor, Educational Management Training, Pedagogical Professional Examination).

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