A Taste of Cultures

Last modified: 2017. October 10.

On 12 October nice smell and hundreds of students filled the halls of Agria TISZK. The now traditional gastronomy event, the Global Cooking Night is one of the most well-known and most popular programs at the University linking international students with local students and teachers.

The event, organized by ESN Eger and the University's Centre for International Relations attracts more and more visitors every year, this time more than 300 students and teachers wanted to get a taste of the international life of the University. This year we even had special guests as some of the international students and colleagues from our Gyöngyös Campus also participated at the event.

The night began with a diverse entertainment program including a magician's show, Moroccan belly dance, Hungarian folk songs, hiphop and salsa dance, and a Bruno Mars cover by the Erasmus Band.
International students introduced the dish they prepared between two numbers and visitors could taste it after the entertainment program.

Those who tasted the food received a stamp in their GCN Passport, which was also a voting-paper for the best food of the night. This year the Portuguese students received the most votes, although we don't know if their pork or tuna fish speciality or the pumpkin dessert was the one that made them the winner...We enjoyed all of them just like other nations' specialities.

The cheerful night ended with all nations dancing together. 

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