Last modified: 2020. January 31.

In connection with the rapid spread of corona virus, Eszterházy Károly University takes all necessary steps and is prepared to take further actions if needed.

We contacted the National Institute of Public Health in the Government Office of Heves County and asked them to send us the relevant guidelines about the prevention.
Altogether 40 Chinese students study at the Eger and Gyöngyös campuses and they are supposed to complete a detailed questionnaire before the start of the study period. Based on the results the risk of the virus can be decided. If the student has no symptoms but there may be a possible risk, the student is asked to stay away from public places and communities.

The management of Markhot FerencHospital in Eger and  Bugát Pál Hospital in Gyöngyös informed us about the actions if the symptoms are clearly related to Corona virus. In case of a possible situation, our institution is ready to inform the relevant authorities and - until the treatment itself – we are able to provide a separate place for the students. Both hospitals confirmed that they are fully prepared to take actions if needed.

For Eszterházy Károly University student and stuff health is of paramount importance. In periods which are heavily infected by viruses, we always take care of hygiene and disinfection: we regularly inform colleagues and students about prevention and how to avoid droplet infection. We always encourage them to wash hands regularly.

According to the report of National Institute of Public Health, it is important to note that currently there is no infected person in Hungary (or Hungarians in other countries) therefore we are going to follow the guidelines suggested by WHO and the National Institute of Public Health.

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