Coronavirus has appeared in Hungary

Last modified: 2020. March 10.

in order to prevent the virus, we all need to cooperate and take responsibility

We would like to draw your attention to standard hygiene rules and ask that you obey them carefully, in particular regular, careful hand-washing and hand disinfection.
In order to protect our colleagues and students, please do not plan to organise excursions, study trips or business trips to the infected areas especially to Northern Italy. If you have been to one of the infected areas recently, you should not visit public places for 2 weeks and you should closely monitor yourself for the possible symptoms. If you do recognize fever, cough, sore throat or lethargy, stay home and contact your GP or call the National Public Health Centre: 06 80/277-455 or 06-80/277-456.
If our tutors or colleagues happen to know that a student was in one of the infected areas, they are instructed to ask the student to go home and notify the management of the university as soon as possible. Then the student shall be informed about the necessary actions.
If we obey the rules of precaution, we can make a significant contribution to prevention.

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