Coronavirus Information for Students

Last modified: 2021. April 14.

You can read about the most important updates and instructions below


2020/21 Academic Year:
8 April 2021: 
Rector's instruction 2/2021. (IV.8.) for organising and conducting online examinations

11 March 2021: Temporary procedure for the completion of professional practices in non-teacher training majors

12 November 2020: Common Instruction No. 14/2020. of the Rector and Chancellor

28 September 2020: Sectoral Recommendations for Organizing Higher Education During the State of Health Crisis 

2 September 2020: Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary

18 August 2020: Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary

Epidemic control measures: Uploading of negative PCR test results, border crossing information and PCR test dates 
General Rules of Border Crossing

Declaration for Students

2019/20 Academic Year:

Rector's Instruction 1/2020. (III.11.) regarding the Extraordinary Spring Break and Changes to the General Educational Regulations

Rector's Instruction 3/2020. (III.26.) on the curriculum of spring semester in 2019/2020 academic year

 Action Plan

Travel Regulations During the Period of the National Emergency

Financial Regulations(Dormitory payment)

Information on Distance Learning for Students

Recommendations in the Rules and regulations governing the use of the Eszterházy Károly University accommodation

Library Services


Information on the validity period of documents (Immigration Office)

Enter Hungary: Residence permit application and extension online

FAQ Stipendium Hungaricum Student Network

Step by step guide for students taking part in international mobility programmes in Hungary

 Coronavirus national updates

 COVID-19 information for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders


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