Hungarian Culture and Intercultural Awareness

Utolsó módosítás: 2016. October 26.

Within the frames of the Hungarian Culture and Intercultural Awareness course, the newly arrived Internationals students visited the most significant places in Eger.

With the help of their teacher, Judit Tóth, they got to know the history and culture of the city that welcomes them in their international experience. [photo] After an introduction to the goal of the tour, the students left the classroom and went into the streets of Eger. First Stop: the Castle of Eger, where they visited the expositions that present the rich past of the city, giving emphasis on the legendary story of the siege of Eger.



Right after, the students visited the Minorite Church in Dóbo square and the Basilica, the two most important religious sites and the expression of the connection between Eger and its Archdiocese throughout the centuries.


In the end, all students were challenged to cease their time in Eger to visit and get to know as much as possible about the city, Hungary and the culture that welcomed them.


Written by:

Rita Cruz and João Paulo Pedro

Erasmus+ students

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