Hungarian Day at Károly Róbert Campus in Gyöngyös

Last modified: 2019. March 01.

Hungarian Day took place at Károly Róbert Campus of Eszterházy Károly University in Gyöngyös where more than 1,000 international students got acquainted with Hungarian culture.

Early in the morning, gulyás was being made in the yard of the Student Hotel which was followed by some pleasant tasting where students were able to try and even make the most popular Hungarian dish.
In this semester, Károly Róbert Campus has 107 international students. On this day, other students from Eger campus also came and participated in the event where they gained insight into Hungarian folk dance as well. The performance of Vidróczki dancers was followed by a try-it-yourself session where students could learn some steps.

Student also tried to learn the traditional Hungarian song called Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt. This Csango song was very famous among such international stars as Freddie Mercury or Guns n' Roses. Enthusiastic students even performed the song which was very entertaining for the audience.


József Csernák, tutor at Gyöngyös campus, performed some songs with his zither as well.
In the second half of the day, student could take a look at some traditional Hungarian embroideries which was very welcomed by girls.

Hungarian Day aimed at making international students have a deeper understanding of Hungarian culture. Moreover, students from different countries were able to share their ideas and get some common experience as well.


Photos: Hintz Mónika, Nagy Réka

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