Last modified: 2017. October 20.

Eszterházy Károly University offered a three-day intercultural awareness training in English for foreign students participating in Erasmus+ and Stipendium Hungaricum mobility programmes in the autumn semester of 2017. The training focused on the enhancement of understanding, sensitivity to diversity, positive attitudes towards distinctive cultures, languages and individual personality types.

A new feature of the training has been introduced this year: in many sections, instructors and students participated together to know each other. The training was hosted by experienced trainers and experts: László Dorner (Eger Campus), Dr. Laura Furcsa (Jászberény Campus), Dr. István Réthy (Gyöngyös Campus), Dr. Rita Szaszkó (Jászberény Campus), Dr. Tünde Taskó (Eger Campus), Judit Tóth (Eger Campus) and Ingrid Lakatos also joined the team.

The event took place from October 11th to October 13th in the Agria TISZK. Fifty international students and thirteen instructors participated in the training on Wednesday.
Helped by two trainers in each group, the three groups of participants were trying to complete various exercises: team-buildings, situational tasks and self-reflection activities aimed at creating a positive attitude.

According to the feedbacks of trainers and participants, the programme was an absolute success: it managed to make them know each other, their distinctive cultures and local culture as well. On November 16th a follow-up training will take place in the Agria TISZK.

From October 18th to October 19th, three groups of students at the Károly Róbert Campus in Gyöngyös will participate in the intercultural awareness training. Trainers and organizers expect as many participants as during the training at the Eger campus.

Article: Judit Tóth
Photos: Ágnes Győrváry-Kiss and Dániel Fehér

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