Last modified: 2017. October 10.

Organised by the Centre for International Relations

Eszterházy Károly University offered a four-day intercultural awareness training in English for the foreign students participating in Erasmus+ and Stipendium Hungaricum student mobility programmes at our institution in the autumn semester of 2016. The training was implemented on two venues: on Eger Campus with trainers Dr. Katalin Héjja-Nagy, László Dorner, Dr. LauraFurcsa, Dr. Rita Szaszkó, Dr. Tünde Taskó and Judit Tóth, and on Károly Róbert Gyöngyös Campus the training programme was led by Dr. István Réthy.

This intercultural sensitivity training aimed at the enhancement of understanding, sensitivity to diversity, openness and positive attitudes towards various cultures, countries, languages and individual personality types. This was a unique occasion for the trainers and the students alike to gain deeper insights into various aspects of cultural similarities and differences. Also during these four days the participants did exercises to improve their problem-solving and life skills as well as their intercultural awareness and competence. The participants spent valuable time together "united in diversity".

A shorter, one-day intercultural awareness training will be available for teachers of foreign students and for those colleagues working with them in student offices and registry office.

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