International Week at Eszterházy Károly University

Last modified: 2018. May 17.

This year’s International Week focused on the topic of presentation and self-presentation.

On the first day, Rachel Appleby gave a presentation entitled The Confidence to Stand up and Talk witnessed by the audience of a packed ceremonial hall. This was followed by the presentation of John Rury, Fulbright Professor of the EKU and Dr. Aida Alaka.

Throughout the week, those in attendance saw several interesting and inspiring presentations for instance, Lindsey Cuen, cultural colleague of EKU presented her thoughts on Dynamic Presentation.

Our distinguished guests arrived from more than 25 partner institutions and during the week, they had the opportunity to introduce their universities and present their internationalizing efforts. The audience took part in several effective conversations among the participants from China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine and Poland.

Photos: György Szántó

Professional programmes were complemented by cultural programmes: during the opening evening a prestigious event took place during which university students performed a very pleasant show. In addition to Monday, Wednesday's trip to the Gyöngyös campus was also one of the key events of the International Week: guests got acquainted with the life of the campus, some international students and they participated in a very exciting training executed by our colleague, István Réthy.

Photo: Tamás Unghváry

During the International Week, the contract between the Fulbright Committee and Eszterházy Károly University was also extended in that our University has the opportunity to have guest teachers from the United States and as an exchange, our colleagues will be able to travel to America with a scholarship.
During the closing session, our University received much positive feedback which makes us even more determined to continue our hard work. This week was a perfect opportunity to strengthen international relationships and to create new pathways for the future of the Eszterházy Károly University.

Photos: Dániel Fehér

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