Orientation Days for Incoming students

Last modified: 2019. December 11.

On September 6th and 7th, Orientation Days for international students took place at the Eger Campus

The event was organized by the Centre for International Relations aiming to make students get acquainted with the University. Within the framework Erasmus+, Stipendium Hungaricum and Makovecz scholarship programmes, students have come to participate in a one-semester or two-semester part-time programmes however, we have students in full-time programmes as well. Three self-financing students have from the United States, Nigeria and China; 3 students from Kazakhstan are still to come within the framework of inter-institutional agreement. Coming from 15 countries, 43 new international students will learn in this semester at the Eger campus. Most students come from Turkey.

In addition to the first-year international students, second - and third-year students also participated in the Orientation Days. The event was opened on Thursday afternoon in Building B and there were several presentations about the institution and study life. This was followed by a session on the ESN and the new student mentors were introduced as well. The programme ended with an entertaining team-building session aiming to make students know each other.

The second day was opened with a presentation about Hungary and Hungarian culture. This was followed by a tour in the Lyceum which impressed the international students. They visited the Ceremonial Hall, the baroque Chapel and the Library as well. The Tour ended with a visit in the Magic Tower. This was followed by a lunch in the Leányka Bisztró where students were acquainted with Hungarian cuisine and eating habits.
During this semester, international students will be participating in several free-time activities. In the International Nights and in the Global Cooking Night, Hungarian students are welcome as well.

Photo: Dániel Kakuk

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