Rector-Chancellor Instruction no. 2/2021. (IV.30.)

Last modified: 2021. May 04.

on easing COVID-19 related restrictions – Institutional actions and preventive measures

Based on the Hungarian Government's latest regulations (194/2021. (IV.26.) on easing COVID-19 related restrictions, the following actions and measures enter into force on 4th May 2021:

Academic provisions

1. In line with Rector's Instruction no. 1/2021. (I.21.), online education format is going to continue until further notice.
2. Professional practices (including dual and external non-teaching practices) are going to continue unchanged – only if it is possible at the location of the practice.
3. Dormitory buildings and premises remain closed – only students with a rector's permission are allowed to stay in the dormitories. COVID-19 preventive rules shall still apply. In case of symptoms or possible illnesses, the student shall immediately send an email to!

General provisions
1. Before entering University buildings and premises, external visitors shall show their valid vaccination certificate. This enters into force from 4th May 2021.
2. In order to have certain University services (museums, libraries, café), visitors may be asked to show their valid vaccination certificate and their valid ID.
3. In order to protect non-vaccinated people, face masks (covering nose and mouth) are still obligatory in the corridors of the University.
4. Only healthy people are allowed to visit University buildings! Visitors shall follow hygiene rules and must wear face covering during their stay.

This instruction enters into force on 4th May 2021 and will be valid until further notice.

Eger, 3rd May 2021

Dr. Ilona Tari-Pajtók                                Dr. Andrásné Tresó s.g.
          Rector                                                       Vice- Chancellor

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