Last modified: 2019. May 15.

5th Slow Film Festival ended with the Prize-Giving Ceremony on May 10th

Co-organized by Eszterházy Károly University and Uránia Cinema, the V. Slow Film Festival is the annual meeting of student films and artists. In addition to the art schools of Visegrád Countries, this year's edition welcomed films from Romania, Ukraine, Japan and some Scandinavian countries as well.

This year's Grand Prize was awarded to The Orange Passport directed by Gyöngyi Fazekas. The film serves as the dissertation of the artist who is currently studying at Metropolitan University. The jury of internationally renowned experts also acknowledged the work of Lili Mária László (ELTE) and her film „Danika" which won the Best Feature Film category. „Harder Than You Thought by Judit Berec (Kaposvár University) won the best documentary film while Elena Ciolacu's (UNATC, Bucarest) piece called „The Little Hero" won the best animation film. Maja Kovačević's (UNATC, Bucarest) „Dinias" and Dániel Füzesi's (Metropolitan University) „The Buzz" won the „Special Mention" prize.

Petra Pantyi's „My Breakfast is your Dinner" won the best feature film awarded by students of different Hungarian universities. In the category of Experimental and Analogue Films, András Kurucz's (EKU) „Leányfa" won the best film prize. The best One-Minute Film prize was awarded to Marcell Gergely's (Kaposvár University) „Egy perc tánc".

During the three-day festival, a prestigious free university also took place where the former Cannes and Venice Film Festival winner, István Borbás (Songs from the Second Floor, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence) and Peter Strickland (Katalin Varga, Berberian Sound Studio) had a class on directing.
Conducted by one of the most prominent Romanian cinematographers, Boróka Bíró, a practical training took place at the Kepes Institute. The training concentrated on the visual and lighting techniques of a simple story. The highly successful Slow Film Festival is planned to be organized by new international partners next year with wider selection including a brand new children film category.
Photo: Dániel Kakuk

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