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Last modified: 2018. August 07.

Feedback from EKU Graduates

Farewell speech of Majd Hammoude (Gyöngyös):
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Leonardo Henrique de Oliveira Marciano - Science Without Border Student from Brazil (Eger)

"I lived in Eger for one year and a half and I experienced the most wonderful time of my life. I did not choose Eger as first option and I regret that. It could have been my first option since the first moment I decided to go to Hungary, because this city has changed my life incredibly and unexpectedly.
The university was the first place I got used to and I made so many friends there. The teachers were amazing and helpful with me and the other international students. Every problem I had, the mobility office was prepared to help me and to sort each of them out.
When I arrived in Eger, I did not have friends at all. And it turned into an useful situation, since it pushed me to make new friends and to know new cultures as well.
Another great thing that happened to me was the contact with the Erasmus students. We used to live in the same dormitory and had such a great time together in Eger. Ever since then we have been great friends.
Eger is a wonderful and cosy city in the North part of Hungary and it is the best option to go on exchange if the aims are to improve language skills, to meet new friends and to have a really Hungarian experience. Furthermore, the most tasty and the best known wine of Hungary is from Eger. There is a wine valley not so far from the city center and the other international students and I used to hang out and have a time off around there. We also can find the best cakes of Hungary in the bakeries of Eger, the most polite and friendly Hungarians on the streets and the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen in a small town.
This experience will be in my mind for the rest of my life and all that I turned into since Hungary, I owe to Eger and the friends I have made in this unforgettable city.
Lastly, I would like to give some advices.
First one: if you have the opportunity, live with the other international students;
Second one: get involved in the activities provided by the University. They are an unique experience.
Third one: Learn some Hungarian words. It may be very useful to make new friends and to get some help easier on the streets.
Last one: Enjoy every moment of your life either making friends or studying a new subject, for example. Change your habits, discover yourself, take this time to draw a new future way."

Amanda Pistolato - Science Without Border Student from Brazil (Eger)

A  graduated Brazilian student, Amanda Pistolato created a webpage that introduces the student life in Eger. She gave a brief introduction of our charming town, and also of the Eszterhazy Karoly University of Applied Sciences.
The webpage also includes the description of the student dormitory, the list of courses and the opinion of other students, along with several pictures of the student life.

The webpage is available here. be continued by you

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