Neptun System

Last modified: 2020. September 30.

Course enrollment and money transfer

Neptun registration:
Before the study period begins students have to login and register for classes in our electronic study management system (Neptun). Your Neptun ID and password is sent via e-mail  prior to your arrival before the semester starts.

You can login here:

For the first time you need to write the followings to log in: Neptun code to the ,,Identifier" field and the Birth date with Ne characters (NeYYYYMMDD) to the ,,Password" field (Y year, M month, D day)

Course registration:
Once you are in the system you can enroll for classes and check your timetable. Please see the steps of course registration in the Neptun User's Guide.

Please set the semester calculator to the current semester in Neptun and register for those courses that are recommended in the curriculum or course catalogue!

Course registration is not possible in Neptun if:
- the student has debt from the current and previous semesters
- the available places are full in the given course (in this particular case, students shall send an e-mail to the department with the name and code of the course).

In case of money transfer to the University bank account it is compulsory to indicate the Neptun code in the announcement section (in NK-Neptun code format) and the student's name.(for example: NK-AB1234 John Smith)

Account number: 10035003-00336121-01120008
Account number with IBAN code: HU95 10035003-00336121-01120008
• for EU citizens in EUR: HUSTHUHB
• for non-European citizens in other foreign currency: MANEHUHB


You can ask for your student mentor's help too (members of the local student network). For further information on deadlines please check our Academic Calendar.

After your arrival you can contact your host department with any questions you might have concerning the study programme.



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