Student ID

Last modified: 2019. March 06.

International students currently enrolled in an academic program or courses offered by Eszterhazy Karoly University are eligible to receive a student ID.

International students can have the same advantages as Hungarian students (reduced fares for public transport, entrance tickets for museums, Youth Hostel accommodation, library membership and sport facilities etc.) with the student ID card.


  • Students who stay one-year or shorter period are entitled to get a temporary student ID without permanent student card application. This temporary certificate is valid for 60 days and it is issued and renewed by the Student Service Center ( address: 3300 Eger B building Egészgégház út 4. ) for those students who are registered in Neptun that is the online system of the institution.
  • Students who stay longer than one year have to apply for permanent student card. Without student card application they are not entitled to get the temporary certificate. All students must be registered in Neptun that is the online system of the institution. Only those students are eligible for permanent student card whose semester is active in Neptun. The student card must be validated every semester in the Student Service Center.The Card is free (starting from 2016).
    Here are the steps of applying for a student card:
    1. To obtain a student card, students must first have an official photo taken and provide their official signature in Administration Office (3300 Eger, Barkóczy út 7.). Students are required to present their personal ID (passport), residence permint and a student status certificate (issued by the Student Service Centre in B building) in the Document Office.  Students will be given a NEK (Nemzeti Egységes Kártyarendszer) datasheet. This form has a 16-characteridentification number in the upper right corner. (NEK number) This is essential for the next part of the application.
    2. After students received the NEK document, they can arrange their administrative matters electronically in Neptun system. Go to Administration – student card request and add new – number: NEK-code – demand type: első igénylés. 

    Please submit only proper data which appear in your official documents, since during the process of application the Educational Authoritiy (OH) compares the application data to the database of the national address registry system. They also compare students'Neptun data and NEK document data. Their registered personal data must be the same from character to character.  

    After the OH accepts the application students receive their temporary student certificates that which are valid for 60 days from the date of issue and it is free of charge. It is issued and renewed by the Student Service Center (address: 3300 Eger B building Egészgégház út 4.). The plastic card takes about 60-90 days to be produced after being ordered. Students will receive their student ID by post to their address, to the Student Service Centre or have to go to the local Document Office.

Temporary student ID and the certificate that confirms your student status are issued by:

- Student Service Office in Eger ( Address:  B building, 3300 Eger Egészségház út 4. groundfloor)
- Centre for International relations in Gyöngyös (3200 Gyöngyös Mátrai út 36.)

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