Mentor System

Last modified: 2020. December 17.

Student Networks

Erasmus Student Netwrok (ESN):
ESN is the biggest student association in Europe. Members of the local Erasmus Student Network (ESN Eszterházy) help international students integrate into Hungarian student life and society. They are responsible for the operation of the mentor system and out of class activities (leisure programmes, administrative issues in Hungarian offices for exmale in the Immigration Office or in Hungarian banks etc.).
ESN President: Ms Viktória Vermeki


Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network:
The network's aim is to assist the higher educational integration of freshman students that are coming to Hungary under the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship by providing a mentor pair to them. The mentors' responsibility is to assist their mentees' administrative and educational tasks and to help them in getting used to Hungarian transportation, culture and norms.
Head of the local Stipendium Hungaricum  Mentor Network: Mr Martin LÁNYI


Handbook for Students

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