International Week 2019

Last modified: 2019. February 26.

Eszterházy Károly University organizes its next international staff training week between 8-12 April, 2019.

Eszterházy Károly University is pleased to announce its upcoming International Week focusing on

Internationalisation at Home.

The event takes place from Monday 8th April 2019 to Friday 12th April 2019 in Eger and Gyöngyös.

Participants will explore the different approaches and aspects of the topic through interactive presentations, workshops and discussions and will have the opportunity to network with colleagues and share best practices.
EKU considers applications from staff working at any European institution of higher education holding an ECHE and from our Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA107) Programme partner institutions. 

There is no fee for this staff week. 

STA participants are also welcome. Besides benefiting from the general events the programme of the week reserves periods for their teaching assignments, too.

If you decide to use the Erasmus+ STT/STA for funding we are ready to assist you with all necessary documents if you email to

For the schedule of the week and for the registration form please check back in the end of January.
Registration is open till 11 March 2019, accepted participants will be informed until 14 March.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at EKU.
For more info, please feel free to contact us at 

Please click here to dpownload the invitation in pfd. 


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