Student Life and Services

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. June 06.

Only those fortunate enough can truly appreciate the eventful and memorable "college years." In addition to learning and preparation for examinations our students can take advantage of the numerous extracurricular and leisure time options available.

Central Library

The Central Library has sub units including social science, literary science, foreign language and natural science components in which the necessary professional texts are available. The periodicals room houses several domestic and foreign publications and the media collection also offers access to a wide range of documents. The Archdiocesan Library of the Lyceum houses almost half a million volumes.

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Student Union (HÖK)

The Student Body Association's primary objective is the protection of students' interests. It deals with all concerns and issues with special importance to the students of the University including placement counselling, the arrangement of cultural events and the provision of financial support for student participation at scholarly conferences. 

ESN Eszterházy 

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association in Europe. Members of the local Erasmus Student Network (ESN Eszterházy) help international students integrate into Hungarian student life and society. They are responsible for the operation of the mentor system and out of class activities (leisure programmes, administrative issues in Hungarian offices for exmale in the Immigration Office or in Hungarian banks etc.).

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The University maintains state-of-the-art and affordable student hotels in all the four cities of Eger, Gyöngyös, Sárospatak and Jászberény, providing comfortable housing and social life for the students. 

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György Kepes Special Study and Dormitory Association

The main objective of the György Kepes Special Study and Dormitory Association is the provision of appropriate conditions and a professional framework for sophisticated and high standard scholarly efforts, the acquisition of comprehensive professional and general information background, the development of a realistic and critical social perspective, along with active and responsible participation in public affairs. The cultural and leisure time programmes organized by the Association are significant components of student life.

Student Scholar Groups

The Student Scholar Groups (TDK) complement the scholarly research efforts conducted at the institution. The continuous success rate of our students at National Student Scholar Conferences is an important indicator of the level of the institutional research efforts.

Art Activities

The Egres Folk Dance Ensemble - formed seven years ago - has successfully participated in several festivals. Their professional development is illustrated by the Dances of Hungarian Regions anthology, performances in Poland and Lithuania along with learning the dances of Transylvania and being regular returning participants of the Agria and Matyó International Folkdance Festivals. The Szuszogó Theatre, an alternative theatre art student community is a regular contributor to the cultural life of the University. In addition to the home performances they performed at the Studio Theatre of the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre and the ensemble enjoys continuous invitation to perform at the Kolibri Theatre of Budapest as well. The exhibition areas of the university provide students with a space which to show works and experiments. It is an area for expression beyond the classroom. Students interested in filmmaking can join the university film clubs.


Student athletic activity takes place at the University Sports Club providing practice and competition opportunities in several sports such as track and field, fitness, swimming, basketball, volley ball, tennis, and soccer. The fitness centre is equipped with work-out rooms, squash courts, an indoor tennis court, and a sauna. The university's athletic teams of water polo, handball, and basketball compete in the first division of the Hungarian National League. Our students won three medals at the 2012 London Olympic Games: Krisztián Berki won gold medal in artistic gymnastics (pommel horse), while Tamás Lőrincz won silver and Péter Módos bronze in the men's wrestling competition.

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