Courses in English

Last modified: 2019. October 10.

Courses offered in English 



Institute of English and American Studies

                       All the courses of the Institute are in English


Institute of History

                      NBB_TR237G2 History of Ancient Olympic Games
                      NBB_TR241G2 Historical Origins of Racism
                      NBB_TR242G2 Historical Biography of Adolf Hitler
                      NBB_TR240G2 Stalin's Cult of Personality
                      NBB_TR239G2 India: People, History and Culture
                      NBB_TD176G2 Local History
                      NBB_TR108K3 The Birth and the Prosperity of the National (Hungarian) Culture
                      NBB_TI832K3 History of Arts
                      NBB_TI903K3 History of Religions
                      NMG_NT124K3 Methodology of social research
                      NMG_NT167K3 History of political thought
                      NMG_NT159K3 Theoretical approaches to society
                      NMG_NT124K3 Parties and Party Systems
                      NMG_NT104K3 History of Hungarian foreign policy 1990 to the present day
                      NMG_ES108G5 National and nationality policy in East-Central Europe
                      NMG_NT161K3 Democracies and democratization processes
                      NMG_NT107K5 The history and contemporary situation of foreign policies strategies
                      NMG_ES108G5 National and nationality policy in Central- and Eastern Europe
                      NMG_NT105G5 Regional policy in the European Union
                      NMG_NT107K5 The history and contemporary situation of foreign policies strategies


Institute of Visual Arts 

                    NBB_KE100G4 A film anatómiája I.
                    NBB_RA950G3 Photo I
                    NBB_RA911G3 Creative Visual Practice I (Painting)
                    NBB_RA937K2 Art history I
                    NBB_KE141K6 Drawing I
                    NBB_KA133G3 Computer-aided Design I (group A)
                    NBB_TG162K2 Theory of colours - lecture I
                    NBB_KA145G3 Theory of colours - practice I
                    NBB_KE149G3 Object Representation I
                    NBB_RA932G3 Foundations of Graphic Design I
                    NBB_RA927G2 Tipography I


Department of Music

                    NBB_EZ290G2 Chamber Music I
                    NBB_EZ284G2 Chamber Singing I
                    NBB_EZ297K3 Musical-literature
                    NBB_EN376K2 Folk Music I
                    NBB_EN377K2 Folk Music II
                    NBB_EN342G2 Choir-leading I
                    NBB_EN343G2 Choir-leading II
                    NBB_EN350G2 Solfege I
                    NBB_EN379K2 Solfege II
                    NBB_EN383K2 Music History I
                    NBB_EN385K2 Music History II
                    NBB_EN356G2 Music Theory I
                    NBB_EN381K2 Music Theory II
                    NBB_EZ259G2 Piano–instrumental playing I
                    NBB_EZ267G2 Vocal training I
                    NBB_EZ401G1 Choir-singing I
                    NBB_EN402G1 Choir-singing II


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