Last modified: 2015. May 02.

A non-comprehensive list of the research areas pursued by academic members of our staff.

Department of American Studies:

- Multiculturalism: historical aspects, representation in literature
- Captivity narratives and autobiographies
- Questions of identity in literary works
- Canadian literature
- Economic and diplomatic relations

 Department of English Studies:
- Translation studies
- Relations between context and meaning
- Phrasal verbs
- Irony in literature; satires
- Contemporary Irish poetry
- Psychoanalytic criticism

Department of Music:
- Methodology in teaching music
- Roles and possible uses of folk music and folk songs in classroom
- Music history, biographies
- Body mapping
Department of Philosophy:
- Existential philosophers
- Hungarian philosophy in the 19/20th centuries
- The life and work of Béla Hamvas

Department of German Language and Literature:
- Methodology: critical analysis of textbooks, teacher and students competencies
- The role of literature in transmitting values to readers
- Ways of educating students to become readers
- Terminology research

Institute of Linguistics and Literary Studies
- Methodology in teaching communication, linguistics and literature
- Communication in the media
- Linguistic behaviour, linguistic politeness
- Female writers; feminism in literature
- Juvenile literature
Institute of History:
- Hungarica research
- Ethnic and national identity in East-Central Europe in the early modern era
- History of the Reformed Church in Hungary
- Hungary's political elite during the Dualism
- Hungarian-Germans relations in the 19/20th centuries
- 1956 - events and reflections

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