Deans Welcome

Utolsó módosítás: 2015. March 10.

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Humanities.

Our faculty is characterized by a colorfulness which includes both the traditional humanities and the visual arts. Our institutes and departments offer (1) Bachelor Degree programs, (2) Master Degree programs, including both disciplinary knowledge and teacher training, and (3) undivided teacher training programs as well. Also, (4) the Institute of History is home to the Doctoral School of History. 

Our academic staff are prominent in both teaching and scientific research: the proportion of teachers holding a qualification is outstanding, and the already high number of publications and conference speeches is rising every semester.

Our faculty often organizes local and national events. Good relations are maintained with several national and foreign institutions, including universities and colleges from neighbouring countries, other parts of Europe and the wider world as well. Our link to all these institutions provide excellent opportunities to our students and staff to enhance the reputation of our institution.

We invite you to explore the webpage, and get to know our faculty better.

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