Botanical Garden of Eszterházy Károly University

Last modified: 2018. April 19.

The botanical garden belongs to Eszterházy Károly University in Eger and the professional management is provided by the University’s Department of Botany

The garden is situated on Almagyar-domb, with an area of 9526 m2. The botanical garden is under local protection, that the living collection certainly deserves, as it contains more than 600 plant species, mainly the flora of the Carpathian basin can be found there. The part of the collection is located in the Lajos Juhász Greenhouse (EK University, Leányka út, G-building), which is home of tropical and subtropical plants. The most important task of the botanical garden is plant preservation, propagation and possible reintroduction to their original wild habitat, as one of the conservation strategy method of endangered species. The other main aim of the garden is to exhibit plants and it has a great educational character as well. The garden provides a location for biology training lessons, and also creates opportunities for botanical and ecological researches.

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