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Periodica Oeconomica 2008

Utolsó módosítás: 2019. október 14.

Periodica Oeconomica 2008 Pdf


János Szlávik
Sustainability Problems of Regional Competitiveness 7–18.

Chambliss Karen – Slotkin Michael H. – Vamosi Alexander R.
Enhancive sustainability, steady-state sustainability, and the structured ecotourist 19–36.

Michael Carmona
Role of Urban Development in Regional Development 37–44.

Éva Zám
The Different Factors of Regional Competitiveness;
a Few Characteristics of the North-Hungary Region 45–62.

Gábor Papanek – Balázs Borsi – Tamás Tompa
Competitiveness of Hungary and the Hungarian regions 63–78.

Adam Novotny
Enhancing Public-Private Technology Transfer in the Netherlands and Hungary 79–92.

László Valkó – Mária Csete
Sustainable Consumption 93–102.

Miklós Füle
A Sustainable Program of a Small Region in Hungary 103–114.

Hajnalka Csáfor
Corporate Social Responsibility in Central and Eastern Europe 115–126.

Noémi Csigéné Nagypál
Corporate Social Responsibility among small and medium-size companies 127–136.

Richárd Hauser
Tendering opportunities and possible impacts of the Operational Programs included in the New Hungary Development Plan (2007-2008) 137–146.

Roland Kis-Tóth
Community and urban development and the improvement of ICT infrastructure in the city of Eger 147–164.

Hollóné Kacsó Erzsébet – Námor Anna "Market value" versus "Fair value"
(Some thoughts on judging the competitiveness of firms) 165–180.

Róbert Román
The Entrepreneurial Activity of the State with Particular Regard to Certain Regions 181–196.

László Demeter
Loans from banks and subventioned programs for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary 197–208.

István Kádek
Preparing Teachers for Entrepreneurship Education – Present Practices and Future Opportunities 209–222.

M. Vas István
Historical judgment of teaching business education 223–232.


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